Emotional Pain doesn't have to rule your life

At Alongside Healing, I strive to come alongside you in that
pain, as you work towards transformation.

Walking Alongside Clients Every Day

At Alongside Healing, your feelings and experiences matter.


Occasional anxiety is a normal part of the human experience but if it feels like you’re anxious more than you’re not, it’s time for something different.


There’s a difference between sadness and depression and many people have difficulties distinguishing between the two and that’ OK. 


Trauma is any event or series of events that was distressing and it never had a chance to resolve itself. The thing that haunts you needs attention.

Loss & Grief

Often associated with death, the truth is, loss or grief spans all phases of life. From divorce,  career change, medical diagnoses, adoption and more.

What If Different Was Possible

And what if on that journey to different you were praised for your strength and courage?

Your Feelings and Experiences Matter

At Alongside Healing, your feelings and experiences matter, and I will champion you to strive for the purpose you were created for!

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