Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Emotional pain is real.  Your emotional pain or your loved one’s pain is real and it’s confusing, consuming, and robs us of our authentic selves.  One of the most frightening aspects of any kind of pain is the thought of doing it alone. At Alongside Healing, I strive to come alongside you in that pain, as you work with an experienced therapist towards transformation.

You are capable of transformation.

The darkness of pain has a way of telling us “It will always be this way, might as well accept it.” The fact of the matter is, that’s a lie. The truth is: no matter our age or set of experiences, we are capable of change and to find something different. There isn’t a quick fix but with a willingness to lean into courage and honesty, a more authentic self can’t help but emerge. Dear soul, you do not have to be controlled by your circumstances anymore!

Walking Alongside to Healing and Transformation


Occasional anxiety is a normal part of the human experience but if it feels like you’re anxious more than you’re not, it’s time for something different.


There’s a difference between sadness and depression and many people have difficulties distinguishing between the two and that’ OK. 


Trauma is any event or series of events that was distressing and it never had a chance to resolve itself. 

Loss & Grief

Often associated with death, the truth is, loss or grief spans all phases of life. From divorce,  career change, medical diagnoses, adoption and more.

Cammi Priode, MA, NCC

Cammi Priode

Cammi Priode


I started Alongside Healing after spending the last 10 years walking with people through life’s peaks and valleys.  I graduated with my Masters of Arts from Trevecca Nazarene University in Mental Health Counseling and also am an EMDR Certified therapist.  I believe that every person is capable of transformation and healing if they are courageous and honest.   To honor your courage and honesty, I utilize a range of approaches CBT, EMDR, experiential and family of origin. 

Other Areas of Focus 

Women’s Issues

  • Perfectionism
  • Codependency & Relational Issues
  • Life Balance
  • Body Image
  • Infertility
  • Postpartum/post-adoption depression
  • Life transitions (expected or unexpected)
  • Self-Esteem
  • Substance Abuse/Addiction

Adult Adoptees & Adoptive Parents

  • Relational problems
  • Identity and self-esteem
  • Unresolved grief and loss
  • Feelings of abandonment or rejection
  • Child bonding
  • Post-placement support
  • Support in the waiting
  • Post-adoption depression
“I began to wonder what life would be like if I dropped the act and began to trust that being myself would be enough to get the love I needed.”
Donald Miller, Scary Close

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